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My marching band

Well, at the end of the marching season, here were our places. We are a Single A band and are three years old. We were ONE person short of having enough for 2A . T_T. Our show was called "All F's in Band". It included "Fanfare and Allegro", "Faure's Pavane", and "Farandole".

Henderson Band Fest: 2nd Place when we competed in the division above ours due to our own division having too many bands in it and the Visual Effect award.

Summerlin Spectacular: Our first 1st place EVER! It was really funny, because when our rival band got second, we cheered SO loudly. It was bad, we all knew, but we really couldn't help it, because we knew that that meant that we got first. We also got the Visual Effect Award and Percussion Award.

Boulder City Invitational: 1st place, Visual Effect and Music Effect.

Half-Time Show Review: This one is televised! It will be shown on Thanksgiving. This one doesn't have places, but we were one of I think five or six bands to get a superior. And for the Auxilery or Visual we had the highest score of the day from a DCI judge.

Las Vegas Invitational: 3rd behind two out-of-state bands (who are ALWAYS better than Vegas bands), and with a Superior. We went to finals for the first time and got 10/12 at finals. However, I'm pretty sure that we were the smallest band at finals.

So, over all, it was a pretty freaking awsome season. :)

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